The Royal Canadian Legion

There are many veterans' organizations in Canada but the largest by far is The Royal Canadian Legion with over 358,000 members and affiliates. The members belong to the following membership categories:

  • Ordinary (serving and retired military, RCMP personnel, provincial and municipal police forces);
  • Associate (direct relative of an ordinary member, cadet instructors, cadets, Navy League officers, firefighters); and
  • Affiliates (voting and non-voting friends of the Legion).

In addition, there are approximately 40,000 registered members of the Ladies Auxiliary who provide invaluable support to the Branches of the Legion and their fundraising activities. Serving members of the Canadian Forces may also join the “Military Member-At-Large” branch or a regular active branch.

The Legion is a non-profit, dues-supported, fraternal organization with approximately 1,500 branches in Canada, the United States, Germany and The Netherlands. The Legion receives no financial assistance from any outside agency and membership is open to all Canadian citizens and Commonwealth subjects who subscribe to the purposes and objects of the organization.

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